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Greetings and welcome to the Civil Wings forum (CW for short) 

CW is the place where everyone who likes civilian aviation discussion and modelling is welcome. We have no timeframes as some other groups do, any civilian aviation model (and history) from Da Vinci to today's Boeing 787 and tomorrow's Virgin Airlines' Space Traveller (or whatever its name will be) are On-Topic here. We are also more inclusive in terms of civilian aviation, i.e., from the homebuilt ultralight to the airliners, and anything in between (Ag, waterbombers, swords to plowshares, cargo haulers, people haulers, you name it)

We thoroughly encourage the sharing of modelling references and material of all shorts -- "Modellers helping Modellers"!  Oh, the obligatory home-cooked food and animal friends are always On-Topic (they are civilian too :)

Please note that in order if you join this group you will also be automatically added to our parent group, Wings of Peace (WoP) as CW is a subgroup (SIG) of WoP, so you would need to also go to WoP's page to set your subscription there to SPECIAL NOTICE if you don't want to also be getting WoP's messages.  This also means that if you want to leave this group, if you don't want to stay a member of the parent group you would also need to unsubscribe from WoP as well.

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